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March. 6, 2009


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The Encyclopedia of TV Spies

By Wesley Britton

'The Encyclopedia of TV Spies' by Wesley Britton

Bear Manor Media – March 1, 2009
Format:   softcover
Pages: 497    
ISBN: 1-59393-325-8
Price:   $29.95

What is The Encyclopedia of TV Spies?

If you’re a fan of Burn Notice, Chuck, Fringe or My Own Worst Enemy, then you’ve joined the millions of viewers who've loved the adventures of classic secret agents for over 55 years.

Throughout the years, TV spies have been cultural trend-setters – The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Six Million Dollar Man, The A-Team. They’ve been espionage blended with science-fiction – The Invisible Man – or gritty and realistic – The Equalizer, 24. Or they’ve been downright silly – Get Smart, Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp. Before Jennifer Garner knocked them out with style in Alias, we had Cathy Gale and Mrs. Emma Peel in The Avengers. Before Patrick McGoohan made international globe-trotting part of our prime-time entertainment, Brian Donlevy had done the same back in the 1952 Dangerous Assignment.

But, as Wes Britton demonstrates in his new book, the genre is full of nuggets and rarities even the most devoted spy-watcher may have missed. In January 2009, BearManor Media will release The Encyclopedia of TV Spies, and they promise a treasure-trove of surprises.

What do you know about The Piglet Files, Doomwatch, The Sandbaggers? Has your DVD diet included Passport to Danger, Man in a Suitcase, Sleepers? That’s what The Encyclopedia of TV Spies is all about – the icons of TV past, the obscure, the neglected classics, and the misfires.

If you’re a spy buff or a fan of TV at all, this is one that belongs on your bookshelf.

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