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Historical spies and literary secret agents have much in common. In the files below are insights into just how fact meets fiction – and when it doesn't. Below are resources for those interested in the Mossad, what really happened during the McCarthy era, and how terrorism has been viewed in history and onscreen. Spies have been used for many years to find people of interest to the government or other powerful groups of people or individuals, we will be discussing these facts and falicies by interviews with authors, reviews of classic books, and suggestions for further reading. Here are interviews with authors, reviews of classic books, and suggestions for further reading.

The Eli Cohen Files:


Part I: The Roots of Spies (PDF file)  

Part II: The Making of a Masterspy (PDF file)  

Part III: Capture, Trial, and Execution (PDF file)  

Part IV: Aftermath, Legacy, and Appendices (PDF file)  

"Am I My Brother's Keeper?", by Maurice Cohen, as told to Carla Stockton

Hebrew Translation of Eli Cohen’s “Testimony” for the Mossad, Feb. 1957

The Mossad:

The Mossad:  An Annotated Directory of Online Sources and Print Articles

The Mossad and Israeli Intelligence on Screen:   A Filmography

Before Munich:  Black September on TV and Film

Talking With Experts and Writers:

A novelist who hates novels: Jonar Nader unveils the story behind Z

The Wave of The Future may be war without end: Q&A with Novelist Duane De Mello

Sleeper agents sure to keep you awake: Q&A with novelist Michael Pennington

Wes Britton’s May 26, 2010 radio interview with Michael Pennington is archived in the “Past Programs” section of—www.audioentertainment.org/dwp

A Spy Novelist By Nature: The Charles Cumming Interview

Jeremy Duns: Free Agent, by David Foster

Inside the World Espionage Bureau:   Q&A with WEB Creator Bill Raetz

T.H.E. Hill's Voices Under Berlin:   A Spy Novel That Breaks All the Molds

Wes Britton’s September 3, 2008radio interview with T.H.E. Hill is in the “Past Programs” archives at—www.audioentertainment.org/dwp

"A Saint I Ain't":   Q&A with Ian Dickerson of the Saint Club

"The Saint" in Fact and Fiction:   An Interview with Historian and Novelist Burl Barer

The David S. Black Lectures:

Introduction by Wesley Britton



Spies in Fiction and Fact:

A Decade in Review: The Best Spy Literature, 2001-2009
by Craig Arthur, Wesley Britton, Mark T. Hooker, Amanda Ohlke, Bill Raetz

They Were Communists for the FBI:   The Stories of Matt Cvetic and Herbert Philbrick

Defining Terrorism:   A Short History of Fact, Fiction, and Film

Before Bond, Before Blofeld: The Roots of “Spy-Fi”

Book Reviews:

Review: William Johnson’s Thwarting Enemies at Home and Abroad: How to Be a Counter-Intelligence Officer

Review: Jeremy Duns Goes Dark in Free Agent

Rudyard Kipling's "Great Game": Kim, Spy Stories, and "The Spies March"

Don DeLillo's Libra:   America's Best Spy Novel?

Sisters of Mata Hari:   Reviews of Books on Lady Spies

Free Spy Books Online:   An Annotated Bibliography of E-Book Espionage

Reviews:   Books on Civil War Spies


Book Reviews by Mark T. Hooker:

Wes Britton at Other Websites:

Review: Alex Lukeman. White Jade (The Project Counter-Terrorism Series)

Review: Review: Alex Lukeman. The Lance: A Novel

Review: Sapper. BULLDOG DRUMMOND (unabridged audiobook edition)

Review: Sapper. The Black Gang (audiobook)

Review: Sapper. The Third Round. (Audiobook, unabridged)

Review: Nicholas Anderson’s NOC: Non-Official Cover: British Secret Operations

Review: Peter Borchard’s RELENTLESS PURSUIT

Review: Peter Borchard’s DIAMONDS ARE BUT STONE

Review:Preston Fleming’s DYNAMITE FISHERMAN

Review: Preston Fleming’s BRIDE OF A BYGONE WAR

Review: Preston Fleming’s STAR CHAMBER BROTHERHOOD

Review: Storm by Dave Pearson

Review: Embassy Intrigue by Roger E. Neetz

Espionage Around the Galaxy:   The Spi-Fi of Harry Harrison – At Leslie Charteris, under "Features"

Reel War vs. Real War:   Wes Britton Reviews the New Book I Hear No Bugles – at CinemaRetro

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