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The files below offer unique resources and reviews of movie spies brought to you by the author of Beyond Bond: Spies in Film and Fiction and Onscreen and Undercover: The Ultimate Book of Movie Espionage.  Check out the interviews with film producers, directors, and actors.  Here, you'll find reviews of the best and rarest of spy films and "Spy-ographies" of some of the best in the business.  Here, you'll not only learn about the best from the past but what's coming to a theatre near you.

Interviews with Insiders:

A Spy Movie Without Pictures:  Inside the Instrumental Soundscape of Black Tie Spy

The Bigamist Bond:  The Behind the Scenes Story of The Champagne Spy

The Story of Israel's Most Famous Secret Agent:  Behind the Scenes of The Impossible Spy

The Next Goldfinger?:  Robert Winston Mercy Stalks the Villain Role in the Next Bond Opus

Spy Movie Resources and Reviews:

Review: AlbertoIglesias’ soundtrack for  Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

A Decade in Review: The Best Spy Films, Part I (2000-2004)
by Craig Arthur, Wesley Britton, David E. Foster, Anders Frejdh, Amanda Ohlke, Paul Rowlands

A Decade in Review: The Best Spy Films, Part II (2004-2009)
by Craig Arthur, Wesley Britton, David E. Foster, Anders Frejdh, Amanda Ohlke, Paul Rowlands

The Movie Spy's Bookshelf:  A Selective Bibliography

The Indispensables:  The Best 30 Spy Films of All Time

Very Honorable Mentions:  More Spy Film Recommendations

Neglected Nuggets and Obscure Classics:  Collecting Rare Spy Films

Killers, Traitors, and 007:  The Influence on and Failures of Alfred Hitchcock

The Sixty-Minute 007:  On the Trail of Bulldog Drummond

Traveling with 007:  A Tour Guide for Spy Buffs

Charles McGraw, Biography of a Film Noir Tough Guy, by Wesley Britton

Ice Station Zebra:  a tale of spies, scientists, and a submarine, by Roger Langley


Snarling and Skulking:  A Spy-ography of Donald Sutherland

From Harry Palmer to Austin Powers:  A Spy-ography of Michael Caine

The Rogue Director:  A Spy-ography of Fritz Lang

From Madman to Icon:  A Spy-ography of Peter Lorre

The Ronald Payne Hollywood Files

Sex, Scotch, and Wild Geese:  A Few Drinks with Richard Burton, by Ronald Payne

Tying Spies to the Railroad Tracks: Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst, by Ronald Payne

In the Kitchen with Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth, and Cybil Shepherd: A Hollywood Cook Shares Some Secrets, by Ronald Payne

The John Wayne Movie that Never Was: John Ford, James Ellsworth, and Marine, by Ronald Payne

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