If you are a keen reader of espionage literature you likely have come across Dr. Wesley Britton. He is an author, born and brought up in Pennsylvania to his southern parents. Dr Wesley Britton is a science fiction storyteller and writer. He started publishing his work in graduate school but has been writing fiction all his life that he can’t even remember when he started. Wesley tells his stories most uniquely and extraordinarily, something you’ve never seen or experienced before. Besides science fiction, he did several other non-fiction writings, as you’ll discover later from this article.

He earned his doctorate and master’s degrees in American literature from north Texas university, where he majored in 19th-century literature. Wesley Britton was an English teacher for over three decades, working for thirty-three years in Oklahoma. He then moved back to his hometown, Pennsylvania, and started teaching at Harrisburg Area Community College before he retired from teaching in 2016.

Wesley Britton is blind. For several years, he suffered from a genetic progressive eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. Progressive retinitis pigmentosa disease doesn’t render you blind at once; you gradually lose sight until it goes away completely. This can only mean that this author wasn’t born blind; this disease caught up with him from 1970 until 1996 where he lost his sight completely.

His Books

Wesley Britton is the brain behind these four excellent books; the Encyclopedia of TV spies is his most notable work, spy television, onscreen and undercover: the ultimate book of movie espionage and Beyond Bond: Spies in Fiction and Film.

• Spy Television

Spy television, released in 2003, is a tv spies entertainment book covering homemakers, trained professionals, comedians, business people, and criminals characters. All these characters portray glamorous, sexy, reflective, and campy sides. Wesley Britton takes his readers to the behind-the-scene happenings from when tv spies were just but anti-columnists to now that they are all loaded using gadgets to portray their dark motives.

• Beyond Bond: Spies in Fiction and Film

In this book, released in 2005, Britton talks about espionage history. In film and literature, he demonstrates what spies do to catch people’s attention and how they actualize it. Wesley Britton brings both fantasy and reality into this book. While reading beyond bond, you’ll realize how different devices and themes of this book continue to evolve in each decade, as per the political needs.

• Onscreen And Undercover: The Ultimate Book Of Movie Espionage

The onscreen and undercover book shows the spying history on large screens, covering both the beyond bond and spy television books. In melodramas, comedy, romance, thrillers, and political films, spying has been part and parcel of their production. The book shows how people live with spies in their midst, their fears, admirations, and what they’d like for their culture and the world overall to be.

• The Encyclopedia Of TV Spies

Contrary to his other three books above, the encyclopedia isn’t much of historical narration. This book analyses all the elements that the key shows used to get up there. It also narrates why some good productions didn’t have success after their release. This book is full of entertainment.

When Wesley Britton isn’t reading or writing, he plays his electronic drum. This takes him back to his youthful days beating drums in various bands in Texas.

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