The spy movie is a classic and a staple film genre. For decades now, we have been entertained and thrilled by their cunning and their guile. Directors have made their fame and fortune by these enthralling spy movies. What better place to have your spy film set in than a casino?!

James bond, Ocean’s 11, and so many more classic movies use casinos as their elaborate set pieces and backdrops for their heroic films. Every scene in them can offer such a vibrant and colorful color palette for your film. Not to mention the devious things that can happen inside the casino!

Setting the scene

The gambling industry has always been one of excitement and of peril, and there is no better place to set your spy movie in than that.

A casino is a classic set piece for a spy movie and absolutely a must have if you are pulling off a heist movie, or if you need a thrilling and gorgeous set piece for your movie. You can bring some casino thrills and glamour into your home with CasinosJungle.

We love to see our protagonists to be this high stakes and thrilling individual, and the casino allows them to do that. That is the main purpose of having a casino in your spy movie. Your hero gets the chance to really live large and proudly while in the background of your frames sits this enormous hunk of eye candy.

Drawing attention to the spy hero and the villain

Using a casino in a spy movie also allows the hero to fight through goons like security guards and drunk gamblers. It also allows a thrilling piece that comes into play when security is keeping a close eye on our protagonist adding tension in rising action to the film’s plot.

The casino is there to give your protagonist a modern day castle to infiltrate and your antagonist gets a “throne room” to reign from. Even television series’ such as Ozark love using casinos and other gaming industry set pieces for their filming. And for good reason too! They are so excellently characterized in these movies.

Early examples of casinos in the spy movie genre

The spy film genre like many began in the silent era of films, with the ever present paranoia of the Great War. These fears produced many classic films of that era including The German Spy Peril, a spy movie that centered around a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

In the year 1928, Filmmaker Fritz Lang made the milestone film Spies which contained so many tropes that have now became popular in much later spy dramas, including the idea of a secret headquarters, an agent that was known by a number, and the ever beautiful foreign agent who then comes to woo the hero. Lang’s now famous Dr. Mabuse films are from the period that also contained elements of modern spy thrillers, although the central character is just a criminal that was only interested in espionage for the profit. In addition, a few of Lang’s American movies, like Hangmen Also Die, deal with the concept of spies during the second world war. Which paved the way for casinos in movies.

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