Spies have intrigued us over the years in movies, tv shows, and books. Here are some of the unique spy-themed tv shows from the past and the present.

Charlie’s Angels

You may know the Charlie’s Angels movies, but did you know it was a tv show? The show is about three women spies who worked for a mysterious man named Charlie. Charlie was never seen, but just a voice through a telephone. You can find the show for free on Crackle or on Tubi.


24 was the most unique spy show on tv. The main spy is Jack Bauer. Each episode is run in real-time and each episode was each hour in a day. There were some spinoffs and one revival of the show. You can find the entire seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

Killing Eve

Killing Eve is one of the current spy tv shows on tv right now. The show is about a woman spy named Eve. Her task is to hunt down an assassin named Villanelle. The only problem Eve has in catching her that is she attracted to Villanelle. This show is more of a dark comedy. It is shown on AMC and BBC America. There is going to be a fourth season soon.

Burn Notice

Burn Notice is another unique spy show. It is unique because the main spy was blacklisted. Instead of accepting the burn notice, Michael tries to find out who put the burn notice on him. You find Burn Notice on Hulu.


Treadstone is based on the Bourne movies and books. It is about the spy program that Jason Bourne had signed up for. This show takes place after Jason Bourne was on the run. It can found on Hulu and on Peacock.

La Femme Nikita

La Femme Nikita is another unique spy show. It is based on a movie called Nikita. La Femme Nikita is about a woman named Nikita that kills a police officer. Instead of staying in prison, she is signed up for a government program that grooms her to be a spy. You find it on Amazon Prime Video or Vudu. In 2010, The CW did another version of Le Femme Nikita which was called Nikita. You can find it on Amazon Prime Video or on Vudu.


Counterpart is part spy and sci-fi. It is about a man named Howard. He is a spy who is losing his job, but he learns about a secret the government is keeping from everyone. It can be found on Amazon Prime Video or Vudu.


Chuck is about a computer geek named Chuck. He accidentally opens an email that downloads government secrets. Two spies protect from the bad guys. This show is a spy comedy. You find this show on Apple TV.


Archer is an adult animation spy show. It is about a spy named Sterling Archer and his wild adventures. It is on FXX. You can find the other seasons of the show on Hulu and on Sling TV.

Alex Rider

Alex Rider is a spy show you can watch with the family. It is based on a book series by Anthony Horowitz. Alex Rider is about a teenager who is recruited by MI6 to become a spy. You can watch this show on Amazon Prime Video.

These are some of the unique spy tv shows from the past to the present. Their uniqueness makes them very popular and become everyone’s guilty pleasures.

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