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Hello and welcome to Spywise.net, the online hub for writer, educator, and radio personality Dr. Wesley Britton! We’re delighted you stopped by and thought you’d like to know what’s available here and what you can find at our sister sites and blogs.

With the publication of his 2003 Spy Television, Wes Britton became a leading international authority on espionage in films, television, literature, and history. Four books later, Britton remains one of the most knowledgeable resources on spies anywhere in print or on the web. As a result, this website includes a wide range of his essays, reviews, and interviews with past spies, authors, film makers, script writers, producers, and the actors who’ brought secret agents to the large and small screens. Over the years, Spywise.net has also become a valuable archive for spy buffs with articles, interviews, book extracts, and reviews written by the likes of O. F. Snelling, T.H.E. Hill, Mark Hooker, Mark Cushman, Maurice Cohen, David Foster, Ron Payne, David S. Black, Roger Langley, and Tom Lisanti. So if you’re into espionage, you’ve come to the right place!

But Wes Britton is much more than a “spy master.” Beginning in August 2008, Wes became co-host of “Dave White Presents,” an online radio show broadcast twice monthly over www.KSAV.org. For “DWP,” Wes has interviewed the likes of George Lazenby (James Bond), Gary Burghoff (M*A*S*H), and Bill Mumy (Lost in Space). His conversations have included musicians such as current and past members of Steppenwolf, The Ventures, Archies, Electric Prunes, Smithereens, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Blues Magoos, Ripchords, Orlons, Jay and the Americans, and the Robert Plant band. He’s also interviewed a special effects supervisor for Star Trek, one scriptwriter for Tales From The Crypt, and fellow authors on topics ranging from Superman to The Fly. That’s a lot of conversations, and they’re all archived at---www.audioentertainment.org/dwp

Not surprisingly, Britton’s work for Spywise.net and “Dave White Presents” has resulted in a wide range of contacts in the entertainment industry. So Wes created a new blog to keep you abreast of news, new releases, and updates in “Wes Britton’s Entertainment Scrapbook” housed at— http://entbook.livejournal.com/

Dave White Presents at Facebook

Dave White Presents on Twitter

Wes would be delighted to hear from folks interested in his books and arranging interviews or personal appearances. He’s also always looking for future guests for “Dave White Presents.” Wes isn’t undercover—contact him at: Spywise@Verizon.net

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Britton, check out the “Wesley Britton’s Books, Interviews, Media Appearances” or “About Dr. Wes Britton” links here at Spywise.net. Thanks for stopping by and come back often—you never know what will be coming next from the keyboard and microphone of Wes Britton!



Order The Encyclopedia of TV Spies Today!

Wes Britton’s Encyclopedia of TV Spies is now available as a Kindle—only $9.95!

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Some Short Reviews of The Encyclopedia of TV Spies:

“This is an invaluable reference book for anyone interested in the history of television, and that of spies on the small screen . . . They're all here: contemporary spies, Western spies, war time spies, cold war spies, serious ones, funny ones, mysterious ones. . . You get the background on over 200 shows, the creators, the stars, the characters, with behind the scenes intrigue as well as that which was put on the screen.  A triumph in research.  A must read.  More so, a must own.”

 -- Marc Cushman, author of I Spy: A History and Episode Guide

“. . . this exhaustive directory covers television programs from 1951 to 2008, and it is a delightful stroll down memory lane . . . The Encyclopedia is rich with photographs, and each entry contains a concise but thorough synopsis, marvelously describing the show and tipping the hat to directors, producers, and actors. Dr. Britton clearly demonstrates his extensive knowledge of television espionage, packaging it in a way that is informative and, at the same time, very fun to read.”

--Bill Raetz, author of the World Espionage Bureau novels

“ . . . I learnt something new about many shows I’ve spent years watching, and learnt of plenty of new shows I should spend many years watching. This is truly a stunning collection of research covering every aspect of spies on television.”

---Ian Dickerson, Honorary Secretary, The Saint Club

“Covering the past six decades, with entries set out in alphabetical order, followers of all these secret missions and undercover operations will be surprised to find just how many television spies they did not know about . . . The contents are well set out, there are appendices and lists with all the dates and descriptions provided . . . this book is an entertaining and easy read.”

---Roger Langley, author of Patrick McGoohan: Danger Man or Prisoner?

“ . . . Britton’s book is a long overdue and desperately needed reference work that should be a part of any serious TV library. It covers every conceivable aspect of the TV espionage genre and will satisfy both the curiosity of fans and the scholarly needs of researchers.”

-- Lee Goldberg, executive producer, Diagnosis: Murder

“Finally an authoritative reference source for information on the spy stories that have graced and disgraced the small screen since the earliest days of television . . . Highly recommended for spy-fiction fans everywhere.”

--T.H.E. Hill, author of Voices Under Berlin


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